Thinking Partnerships

Thinking Partnerships

Successful initiatives are built upon strong conceptual foundations.
Successful initiatives are built upon strong conceptual foundations.

We work with organizations to impact thinking around key areas of research that inform our approach to talent management.

Together, we partner to develop systems and processes, based on the most up-to-date and relevant research, that serve as the foundation upon which successful organizational outcomes are built.

Our top of mind thoughts...

Performance Management is in need of a major overhaul, in many cases being costly, painful, and ineffective at what should be its main purpose: to enhance performance , increase engagement, and inform other functions of human resources.

By leveraging insights from the neuroscience of human performance, we partner with organizations to develop a philosophy for performance management and supporting systems that are truly successful because they are brain-based. While many organizations are focused on adjusting the number of ratings, or recalibrating pay-for-performance, we find that the biggest breakthroughs come from improving the quality of conversations that managers are able to have with their direct reports.

Overall, we partner with organizations through a 12-step process for reinventing performance management, from building the business case for change all the way to implementing behavior change solutions to support the new system.
In a hyper-connected world where poor decisions can multiply like a chain reaction, breaking free of unhelpful bias has never been more urgent or important. However, when we think about launching interventions against these biases, it is imperative to understand where and why they come about. Unconscious bias is, after all, unconscious.

It turns out that they arise from the way our brains are organized. Without mental shortcuts, we would not be able to process as much information or make any decisions at all. Understanding the ubiquitous nature of these biases does little to impact our behavior, instead, we must focus the efforts of our bias mitigation at a different level.

We partner with organizations to share the research around bias and identify key areas that may be biased. Together, we develop strategies to mitigate these biases at the level of teams or systems, in order to create maximum impact.
With more to learn than ever, faster innovation cycles, and reduced training budgets, organizations everywhere are trying to get more from their learning programs. However, in doing so, we lose sight of what truly makes learning stick.

It turns out that by understanding how the brain truly learns, we can design learning initiates that are both time and cost-effective without losing sight of the quality that drives true behavior change. At the heart of our approach is a focus on coherent learning architecture, as well as delivery methodologies that embed new learning for maximum recall.

We partner with organizations to design strategies to improve learning at all levels, from the large leadership development programs, to teaching technical and soft skills, to individual learning events, in both in-person and virtual environments.
One of the most effective ways to lift the performance of your organization is by creating a culture where coaching is prevalent; where across the organization, people are aware of how to best interact with and develop others.

We bring over 15 years of experience to the table when partnering with organizations to pinpoint the areas where coaching would have the greatest impact, and develop a strategy for execution. Rather than relying on external coaches, we help you understand how to develop resources internally that shift the culture and lift performance at scale.
All too often organizations put in a good deal of effort to create meaningful values, only to find them forgotten and ignored by those they are supposed to influence. Neuroscience helps us understand why values are in fact quite valuable, how it is that people come to adopt them and live by them, and what happens when stated values are not the same as what is actually valued.

Leveraging our understanding of how the brain works, we can work with you to design, build and implement values that truly stick and accurately represent your organization and form the foundation for the goals you’re working to achieve.

Why Neuroscience and Leadership?