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1 December, 2015

Can You Improve Collaboration With Better Noggin’ Knowledge?

Dr. David Rock is the Director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, focused on bringing leadership experts together to build a new science for leadership by applying brain […]
2 June, 2015

The Rise of NeuroLeadership in Organisations

The NeuroLeadership Group is in the news again! The Rise of NeuroLeadership in the workplace is elevating organisational behaviour practice and theory to a new standard […]
9 September, 2014

Into the final month of our Indonesian Journey ……

We are in the final month of our 3 month Indonesia trip.  I am sad about time flying past so quickly and wish we could stretch […]
29 July, 2014

One Month into our Indonesian Journey ……

It has been a month since we left South Africa for our Indonesian adventure. For the three of us it has been a journey of sun, […]
24 June, 2014

One more sleep till we leave for Indonesia ….

One more sleep and I will be on the plane with my hubby and gorgeous 15 year old boy on our way to Indonesia. There are […]
6 June, 2014

Why am I going to Indonesia for three months

Within 3 weeks one of my dreams will come true. I will be traveling to Indonesia with my husband and son to spend three months there. […]
5 June, 2014

Mary-Joe Emde speaking at the PMO Forum (Sponsored by PWC) in June 2014

  Mary-Joe will be speaking at the PMO Forum on the 20th June 2014.  She will be discussing Managing Change (by understanding how the brain works).
19 November, 2013

Brain Based Coaching Certificate in Namibia – Watch This Space

Dates to be confirmed.
27 August, 2013

Brain Based Coach Certification Program in Bangalore India

We are very excited as Mary-Joe is off to India from the 25th August 2013 to 01st September 2013 to deliver another Brain Based Coach Certification Program […]
15 March, 2013

Successful NeuroLeadership Forums Country Wide

  Another successful  NeuroLeadership Forum this time in association with SynNovation was run country wide. Our first Forum for 2013 kicked off with Focusing on Neuroscience and Creativity: Using your brain to […]
4 March, 2013

Diversity 2.0

With nine official languages South Africa is a case-study in diversity, and most organisations accommodate a multi-layered mix of race, religion, ethnicity and gender.  As the […]
21 February, 2013

Activated and Engaged – Part 2:- NeuroLeadership Group

While the way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, the way to his commitment is through his brain. Not so long ago, and […]
18 February, 2013

Knowledge Resources Directors Conference – Chief HR Officers – 15 and 16th May 2013

Mary-Joe Emde our CEO will be speaking at the Knowledge Resources Directors Conference at Mount Grace Country Hotel on the 15th May 2013 at 14h00.  The topic […]
15 February, 2013

Upcoming NeuroLeadership Forums in Association with SynNovation

Join the NeuroLeadership Group in Association with SynNovation –  Truida Prekel’s CV for our Upcoming NeuroLeadership Forums: Topic Neuroscience and Creativity: Using your brain to make great […]
13 February, 2013

Part 1 (C) of ‘Activated and Engaged’ – The SCARF Model

  The SCARF model (developed by David Rock in 2008) summarizes five domains of threat or reward, namely Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness. Engaged employees […]
13 February, 2013

Part 1 (B) of ‘Activated and Engaged’ – Takes a peek into the human brain

  ‘Activated and Engaged’ takes a peek into the human brain, and presents a NeuroLeadership perspective on creating an environment in which employees delight in throwing […]
13 February, 2013

Part 1 (A) of ‘Activated and Engaged’ – Employee Engagement is all the rage these days!

Employee Engagement is all the rage these days! A recent report by U.S. based Bersin & Associates entitled Employee Engagement: Market Review, Buyer’s Guide and Provider Profiles, cites that […]
1 February, 2013

Take a Peek, Tweak the Greek and Speak Technique

Since mid-2006 NeuroLeadership Group has been ‘bringing hard science to human development’.  As an international network of coaches and trainers, we’ve shared our ever-growing understanding of […]
31 January, 2013

It’s all in the Brain – A clip by David Rock

Published on Jan 24, 2013 It’s all in the brain. Dr. David Rock from NeuroLeadership Institute talks about why it’s important to understand how we think […]
1 November, 2012

Neuroleadership Networking Breakfast in conjunction with HR Future

Neuroleadership is hosting a breakfast in conjunction with HR Future Mary-Joe will be presenting at the HR Future Networking Breakfast on 15 November 2012 Topic: Insight into […]