Research Briefings

Research Briefings

A half-day interactive deep dive into a key area of Neuroleadership research
A Research Briefing is a half-day interactive deep dive into a key area of Neuroleadership research.  This is a great first step to take if you are interested in bringing the research into your organisation, but don't know where to start. We offer briefings in four content areas.

Led by a professor of the Neuroleadership Institute, the content shared will leave your team bursting with fresh insights and a renewed focus for taking on some of the hardest organisational challenges, including:

  • Reinventing Performance Management
  • Rethinking Learning
  • Breaking Bias
  • Building a Coaching Culture
Briefings are delivered directly to teams of executives or those in the HR function (up to 30 people). we can deliver on-site at your organisation, at one of our global office locations, or direct to your team virtually.

Following a briefing we can also partner with you to build an action plan for further embedding insights from the research into your organisation.

Reinventing Performance Management

Rethink Learning

Discover the latest neuroscience and industry research related to learning. Participants will examine neuroscience research and theory around the nature of memory, how we learn, and to make learning stick more effectively.

This briefing covers transformative strategies for your organisation that involve:

  • The importance of branding & communication strategies
  • Design that puts embedding first
  • Executing global projects effectively
  • leveraging new technologies
  • Scaling learning and measuring impact

Breaking Bias

Building a Coaching Culture

Rather than looking externally, research shows that building a system of internal coaches is more targeted, scalable, and sustainable approach at driving performance. Training managers up to be coaches can have a tremendous impact in terms of leadership growth, having more meaningful conversations, and boosting overall performance. Our partnership with you can make a coaching culture tangible for your organisation.

In this briefing your team dives into the context and strategy for developing a coaching culture, including:

  • Theoretical foundations of coaching
  • Definitions of coaching now and then
  • Branding of overall coaching initiative and individual programs
  • Learning the language used in core coaching models
  • How coaching will be used
  • How quality of coaching is managed
  • How to establish wider buy-in