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Who we are

The NeuroLeadership Group is a global human performance consultancy, drawing from the latest findings in neuroscience. We have operations in 39 cities over 24 countries. Africa is high on our priority and we are striving to create sustainable leadership practices across the continent. We:

  • Enable individuals to enhance their effectiveness by understanding the brain
  • Help leaders improve the quality of their conversations
  • Train and certify executive and personal coaches
  • Partner with organizations to drive performance
We work with some of the world's leading organizations across industries including technology, financial services, government, professional services and health care and already have a foot print in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya and Nigeria.

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Our Partners

We work together with these amazing organizations to offer holistic solutions to your needs and requirements.

Bioss Southern Africa

Bioss Southern Africa is built around people and performance

Our philosophy embraces the reality and challenges of global integration and the multiple dimensions and complexity that comes along with it; firstly, identifying underlying elements and inherent capability of individuals, and secondly, looking at their "fit" within the organisation.

Using an appreciative consulting approach, Bioss Southern Africa assists clients to achieve sustainable business performance. An appreciative approach rests on gaining a clear understanding and appreciation of current and future challenges, followed by co-creation and shared implementation of solutions.

An appreciation of each individual's capability to make decisions at an appropriate level of complexity is fundamental to an organisation achieving its purpose, to how it deploys its resources, to how it handles risk, and ultimately, to its reputation.

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USB Executive Development

Our mission is to create the learning space to enable, through uniquely designed interventions and applied research, a network of globally responsible leaders to forge a sustainable future.

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EQ Advant-Edge

EQ Advant-Edge has a dynamic team of highly qualified individuals specialising in the field of psychology. They recognise the growing need for increased emotional intelligence, leadership skills and emotional well-being for all professions, demographics and age brackets.

EQ refers to Emotional Quotient, which defines our level of ability to interact successfully with others. This concept is becoming universally more popular and is all about increasing one’s performance in all domains, including the business, scholastic and personal context.

Along with EQ, the team considers itself to be one of the most reputable neurofeedback and psychological practices in Durban, with a focus on ethics and professionalism that serves as a central tenet to the manner in which they go about working with their clients.

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Centre for Enterprise Development

A centre within Polytechnic of Namibia, was established in 2000 to facilitate capacity building for the public, private and NGO sectors. Through standardised and tailor made training initiatives, baseline research and strategies to alleviate poverty, CED diversifies the markets and develops the Namibian labour force.

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